Have you noticed a Nanny on the street, in the park, at the playground and were uncomfortable with the way she cared for her charge? We want to hear from you! Post your Nanny Sightings here.Nanny SightingsTumblr (3.0; @nannysightings)http://nannysightings.com/Nanny Abandons Baby With Dog Outside West Village Bodega<p align="center"><strong>NANNY LEFT SLEEPING BABY UNATTENDED IN STROLLER ATTACHED TO DOG OUTSIDE BLEECKER STREET (WSEST VILLAGE) BODEGA FOR SEVERAL MINUTES ON OCT. 5</strong></p>http://nannysightings.com/post/166087128938http://nannysightings.com/post/166087128938Thu, 05 Oct 2017 17:22:26 -0400new yorksubmissionWednesday, September 27, 2017 McDonald’s on 3rd Ave....<img src="http://78.media.tumblr.com/62e9ff55f596bd09bc7a2b8740938fce/tumblr_owykcukaoJ1s3xspvo1_500.jpg"/><br/><br/><p>Wednesday, September 27, 2017<br/> McDonald’s on 3rd Ave. between 32nd and 33rd Sts. at 7:35am.</p> <p>A nanny completely ignoring a child in her care, while talking on her phone waiting for an order.</p>http://nannysightings.com/post/165839556248http://nannysightings.com/post/165839556248Thu, 28 Sep 2017 15:56:35 -0400new yorkmidtown eastsubmissionUnbiased/Snippets<p>How many of you have actually seen a nanny intentionally mistreating a child? I am talking about actual abuse and not a snippet of what goes on with a nanny and child daily. Snapping a picture of a nanny in the park while she is on her phone is hardly classifies or abuse. You may spot 15 seconds of a child having a meltdown/tantrum and the nanny grabbing/pulling him/her by the arm and immediately you take a picture and say the nanny is abusing the child but maybe in truth that nanny is preventing that child from injuries. Most babies/toddlers likes to throw themselves on the ground head first and as a way of preventing them from injuries requires quick sprungs. Oftentimes these kids are not discipline and allowed to have their own way..from hitting parents to throwing items..and it is left to the nannies to try curb this behaviour meanwhile the parents continues to enable the bad one. Oftentimes what is reported on these sites are just snippets of a persons every day routine and what one have to endure. If you genuinely see any form of abuse&hellip;and I mean sticking around for more than 15 seconds then by all means approach the nanny in a non confrontational and judgemental way and say something. Stop pointing ur phone and snapping pictures of a moment that may not depict the whole story</p>http://nannysightings.com/post/163802814608http://nannysightings.com/post/163802814608Fri, 04 Aug 2017 16:25:43 -0400new yorkuwsuestribecabrooklynqueenshobokennew jerseypark slopeharlemmidtown westmidtown eastsubmissionNanny at UES Whole Foods E. 87 Street - sleeping while taking care of little boy<p><span>I was at Whole Foods on the UES today at about 12pm and saw an Asian nanny sleeping on the job. I tried several times to wake her, she was in a deep sleep. The little boy she was with was in a stroller, toddler age, with a yellow shirt on and dark colored shorts. The stroller was right by the elevators, I could have easily walked away with it and no one would notice!! Unbelievable. I watched her for at least 15 minutes. Finally when I woke her up and confronted her about leaving him unattended, she acted like it was no big deal and quickly left. I have a short video and photo of her. </span></p>http://nannysightings.com/post/163763842208http://nannysightings.com/post/163763842208Thu, 03 Aug 2017 15:50:43 -0400new yorkuwsuestribecabrooklynqueenshobokennew jerseypark slopeharlemmidtown westmidtown eastsubmissionWhat did you do?<p>It&rsquo;s amazing to me that none of the people who&rsquo;ve posted on here said that they intervened when they thought a child was being neglected or mistreated in any way. Is it enough to be right there and see what&rsquo;s happening, find the time to snap a pic or video but no time to politely approach the nanny?!?! How much better are you?</p>http://nannysightings.com/post/163752074800http://nannysightings.com/post/163752074800Thu, 03 Aug 2017 08:30:28 -0400new yorkuwsuestribecabrooklynqueenshobokennew jerseypark slopeharlemmidtown westmidtown eastsubmissionIdentifying which family a bad nanny works for <p>In NYC - Moms and dads I have seen some abusive nannies and downright unacceptable behavior. The best way to track down the parents is to follow the nanny from afar and see what building they walk into. I&rsquo;ve asked the doorman and found out what family the child belongs to this way. It takes patience but is well worth it to have piece of mind that you did the right thing by informing the parents.</p> <p>PLEASE please please do not turn a blind eye and walk away thinking that &ldquo;someone else&rdquo; will speak up, post something online, or that &ldquo;it&rsquo;s none of my business&rdquo;. Parents are PAYING someone for peace of mind to take care of the MOST IMPORTANT being in their life. If you wouldn&rsquo;t want YOUR child treated that way, report it to the parents! Not everyone checks the nanny sites online. Or please call 911 immediately, you do not have to give your personal details over the phone. </p>http://nannysightings.com/post/163721856268http://nannysightings.com/post/163721856268Wed, 02 Aug 2017 13:56:19 -0400new yorkuwsuestribecabrooklynqueenshobokennew jerseypark slopeharlemmidtown westmidtown eastsubmissionNew Rochelle Nanny ROUGH<p>While at the New Rochelle Library this nanny (freckled face) repeatedly yanked a young boys arm at least four times in a matter of 10 minutes, the boy maybe 1-2 yrs old, telling him not to touch the touchscreen computer, also the baby girl she was holding nearly fell from her arms, her head pulling back and she began to cry. This namny is not fit to be with such young children.</p>http://nannysightings.com/post/162436018253http://nannysightings.com/post/162436018253Fri, 30 Jun 2017 10:33:20 -0400new yorksubmissionI saw this Nanny absolutely ignoring this child as he begged for...<img src="http://78.media.tumblr.com/f179ebb92915b97d6ea93b595363d617/tumblr_or90b9kwrR1s3xspvo1_500.jpg"/><br/><br/><p>I saw this Nanny absolutely ignoring this child as he begged for milk. He wined and cried. It was heartbreaking. She never spoke a word to him nor comforted him and of course didn’t give him his milk. She continues to shop as others around her shake their heads in disbelief! This was at Burlington in union square at 11:30 June 8th!</p>http://nannysightings.com/post/161620596013http://nannysightings.com/post/161620596013Fri, 09 Jun 2017 09:36:11 -0400new yorksubmissionPicture of Nannies doing an amazing job<p>How about all the Nannies that are doing an excellent job?. Doesn&rsquo;t any one see that?</p>http://nannysightings.com/post/154245283540http://nannysightings.com/post/154245283540Fri, 09 Dec 2016 08:30:19 -0500new yorksubmissionNarcissistic Nanny<p>I am fresh out of a long term relationship with a bona fide narcissistic personality disordered human. Google &ldquo;narcissistic cycle of abuse&rdquo; and you&rsquo;ll understand the mental abuse I&rsquo;ve been subjected to.<br/><br/>The thing is, I&rsquo;m in my 40s;  my ex is a nanny to very young boys and I wonder how she manipulates those boys when she&rsquo;s not in the house, within camera range.<br/><br/>I&rsquo;m going to have to make some phone calls.</p>http://nannysightings.com/post/154218072698http://nannysightings.com/post/154218072698Thu, 08 Dec 2016 16:10:49 -0500Asian nanny continually on cell phone no eye contact or verbal contact with baby on swing BPC (before volley ball courts)<p>Today I observed an Asian nanny in bpc park continually  on cell phone( when I passed the first time walking my dog and after walk around park)  this was approx 20 minutes she was suppose to be caring for little red head boy who appears about two years old on swing who she virtually ignored except for extending her hand toward the swing for it to move when she noticed my stopping and observing.</p>http://nannysightings.com/post/150502681798http://nannysightings.com/post/150502681798Fri, 16 Sep 2016 15:10:29 -0400SE Asian nanny at Amaze restaurant<p>On the phone all throughout lunch while 2 kids were miserable</p>http://nannysightings.com/post/148005197108http://nannysightings.com/post/148005197108Tue, 26 Jul 2016 13:21:34 -0400uwssubmissionBrandon gets pinched<p>Older heavyset island accent nanny in play area in Livingston mall pinched little boy (2 or3 yrs) to correct behavior</p>http://nannysightings.com/post/144506256797http://nannysightings.com/post/144506256797Tue, 17 May 2016 11:30:21 -0400new jerseysubmissionStuy town train park<p>A youngish nanny with a baby girl, maybe 10 months? In a stroller. Nanny sitting on the bench on her phone. Wearing a baseball capita SEXY spelled out in rhinestones. Baby awake and alert and ignored and strapped in carriage. Kicks off her blanket. Nanny yells at baby done think like &ldquo;I told you not to kick it off, now I&rsquo;m not going to give it back to you&rdquo; goes back to phone.</p>http://nannysightings.com/post/144503861763http://nannysightings.com/post/144503861763Tue, 17 May 2016 10:19:53 -0400new yorksubmissionNanny smoking <p>Nanny smoking while pushing stroller walking up East 95th st. From 1st Avenue. Baby was in a pink bundle me and wearing a hat. I couldn&rsquo;t believe she was puffing away directly into baby&rsquo;s stroller.</p>http://nannysightings.com/post/140744253273http://nannysightings.com/post/140744253273Wed, 09 Mar 2016 09:28:20 -0500new yorkuessubmissionPhoto<img src="http://78.media.tumblr.com/74b8bc7229c553bbef160ce174797f27/tumblr_o3qpe6edVQ1s3xspvo1_500.jpg"/><br/><br/>http://nannysightings.com/post/140709221528http://nannysightings.com/post/140709221528Tue, 08 Mar 2016 17:38:38 -0500new yorkuwssubmissionVerbally abusive nanny <p>At the connection In summit New Jersey a a little blonde girl was waiting for a sibling to finish an after school activity with her nanny. The nanny was black with a thick accent and the child was white. The child was wearing crocs and had a mini purse, red leggings and a striped long sleeve shirt. The nanny had short black hair and was glued to her cell phone the entire hour and every time the child would move, flinch or ask for some innocent kind of attention, her caregiver would yell at her for speaking and told her to &ldquo;stop&rdquo; or to &ldquo;be quiet.&rdquo; She did not look at the child once and made her go to the bathroom on her own and this child was no more than four years old.This occurred on Tuesday, December 22nd and the child and her nanny left the waiting area and walked into the pool entrance area around 4:15. When the woman caught me looking, her tone towards the child changed as she escorted her out of the waiting area and into the pool center.</p>http://nannysightings.com/post/135732595953http://nannysightings.com/post/135732595953Tue, 22 Dec 2015 16:39:16 -0500new jerseysubmissionKidvill UES<p>I am reporting a nanny from the UES Kidville caring for a blonde 18-24 month boy named Alexander. They had a horrible dynamic from the start; he kept hitting her and screaming for nothing and she never calmed him down or spoke gently to him. Instead, she threatened him repeatedly, telling him she would put him in time-out and confiscating his playdough etc, which only made him scream more and become more aggressive. He screamed on and off for basically the entire class and then the nanny, two minutes before end of class - and most likely to deflect any blame from herself - announced that his tantrums were probably the result of his ear infection that hadn&rsquo;t been treated yet.<br/> There was a pregnant mom in the class who was not happy to be sitting next to a sick child and, when she moved seats, the nanny even mocked her publicly to anyone who would listen.<br/> Aside from the fact that this little boy was sick and should have been kept home, this nanny handled the situation so terribly and only aggravated this poor little boy&rsquo;s upset and frustration.<br/> This nanny had no business being anywhere near kids.</p>http://nannysightings.com/post/135265806493http://nannysightings.com/post/135265806493Tue, 15 Dec 2015 14:11:26 -0500new yorkuessubmissionNanny Larceny<p>I hired my mother&rsquo;s friend&rsquo;s daughter (who is in her 50s and has 3 children of her own ranging from 11 yrs old to 25 yrs old) to watch my four month old daughter. Because she was a family friend, I thought it was &ldquo;safer&rdquo; than hiring a stranger. Needless to say, she stole my deceased father&rsquo;s ring (which was hidden in my bedroom) and pawned it. Luckily, the police were able to recover it and she pled guilty to petit larceny. Her name is Janet Buffolino and lives in East Rockaway, N.Y. (Nassau County). Apparently, she has a history of criminal misconduct but still watches children and I&rsquo;m sure she is stealing from those families as well. BEWARE.  </p>http://nannysightings.com/post/134924507673http://nannysightings.com/post/134924507673Thu, 10 Dec 2015 11:05:12 -0500new yorksubmissionScam nanny<p>Spent time with this nanny before I hired her. She seemed great had a lot of experience I was actually ok with going back to work. On our first official day I left the house at 7:40 and at 7:41 she covered our security camera. I rushed home to fire her once my husband called me to tell me he received an alert that it had been tampered with. She cried, made up and obscene story of why she touched the camera. She&rsquo;s nuts. Total scam artist. I&rsquo;m so thankful that I had cameras and was able to go right home and get her out of my house. Her name is Michele lives on Staten Island. She has job postings on almost all the major sites for nanny jobs.</p>http://nannysightings.com/post/133200072243http://nannysightings.com/post/133200072243Sat, 14 Nov 2015 10:38:20 -0500new yorksubmission